MRS Portfolio

The Information on these websites show our computer-managed MRS Portfolio consisting of on the US, German and Swiss stock exchanges traded Blue Chips and Mid Caps. Up to 10 stocks can be held in the MRS portfolio mid or long term.

The aim is to keep the preferable steeply rising stocks in portfolio to maximize the performance.

The buy- and sell-signals are generated daily by a computer program considering the latest stock exchanges data. The signals are purely technically generated, whereby totally emotionless. They originate from an algorithm developed based on several years of experiences and on computer simulations of different methods and approaches.

Our approach is to keep the algorithm for generating the buy- and sell-signals unchanged and all its parameters constant over entire period of years. That distinguishes us from many other providers of similar information who might be able to present seemingly good performance for the past. But for the future their fine-tuned algorithms perform only moderate or even badly.​​​​​​​


Performance 01-JAN-2019 - 14-JUNE-2019 :   2.81 %    (updated weekly)​​​​​​​

The performance in the past does not enable reliable predictions for the future.